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I Am Delighted To Welcome You To Laughter Strategies ... 


... and comments from some workshop participants:

Jessica Assante, Accountant:
"The workshop was fun, instructive, gave me practical ideas to introduce laughter in my life."
Joanna Oserhaus, Office Manager:
"very enjoyable. Havn't laughed so much for ages. Being able to use the information in everyday situations will be of particular value to me."
Nicole Silver, TV presenter:
"Helene, it was a pleasure to be a student of yours."
Vicki Jones, Teacher:
"Thank you Helene, I thoroughly enjoyed the course sand have learnt to lighten up my life."
Jimmy Hines, Builder:
"I could do this course for a year or more. I learnt more about life's necessities.
Christina Smith, Social Worker:
"Extremely enjoyable and very helpful. This workshop made me more aware of the value and use of humour and looking at it in a different way."
Jan Smith, Social Worker:
"This worked well, brough people out. Found new ways to use humour and laughter."
Heidi Pluess, Imported Goods Shop Owner:
"I liked all the different aspects about humur sand laughter you presented Helene, Thanks a lot."
Rosie Kirkwood, Financial Analyst:
"Congratulations Helene, I felt very comfortable in your workshop and gained skills through your knowledge and you as a person."
Susan Smit, Carer Barnados:
This would be good for other carers. Using humour in difficult situations.
Angela Basilisco, Social Worker, Barnados:
Being able to laugh at self and with others. Remembering how valuable laughter can be in life.



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