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Helen Grover

Helene Grover


  1. Think FUN
  2. Imagine you have the FREEDOM to have all the fun you want without    hurting anyone.
  3. Make a list of all the things that make you laugh
  4. Keep adding to your list, keep looking at it and doing it.
  5. Make use of a fly swatter.  Keep it handy.  When anyone comes to you (home or workplace) to stress you, swat them away.
  6. Thumb wrestle with someone
  7.  Create a LAUGHING CORNER where you can go anytime and stand there and just laugh.
  8.  When  you have problems, those you can deal with now,  do so. The others, be like Scarlett O¹Hara in "Gone with the Wind", say to yourself; "I'll think about it tomorow."
  9. Find a good joke, for the next few days, TELL IT to everyone,  not emails.
  10. Doodle a cartoon of yourself and look at it as if it were a fabulous work of art.

Humour, Fun, Play and Laughter Tickler Scale


I laugh 10 times a day


I think life is funny


I play regularly  - weekly


My friends share the fun


I Love being silly


I am a good laugher


I blow raspberries when I feel like it


I own a few fun items


I am fun to be around


I bring humour into my work


I can laugh at myself


I am a jovial person


If you have ticked True between 9 and 12 times – You are fun to be with
          And most people like to be around you

If you have ticked True Between 5 and 8 times – You are almost there
But could do with a humour and fun boost – Jiggle the giggles

However, if you have from 0 to 4 True on the Tickler Scale, then its time
For a serious humour and fun transplant….

Contact us for a laughter session…… Ve Vill Make U Laugh!

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