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Helen Grover


LAUGHTER STRATEGIES developed by Helene Grover, First and foremost laughter therapist and trainer in Australia.


I am the author of the best seller book LAUGH AEROBICS and the Founder, director and chief silly person of Laughter Strategies in Australia.


I am a Graduate of the Advanced School of Laughter, Santa Barbara, U.S.A with a background in psychodrama, psychology and metaphysical studies.


I have conducted an enormous amount of laughter workshops, seminars and courses for the general public as well as conducting programmes for health, community and government services, corporate organisations, universities and hospitals.


I have introduced laughter and humour as a therapeutic tool in Australia as well as working in South East Asia. This has led to a great deal of media which included National television, radio, newspaper and magazines publications.


Over the years, I have worked with a terrific variety of people from all walks of life who have given me the opportunity to explore at length the practical value of laughter, humour, fun and play and the impact these have on individuals both in their private lives and the working environment.


I have researched and designed programmes to give people the tools to generate their own laughter and mental well-being as well as to find creative and simple ways to have more fun and to bring joy and spontaneity in people¹s everyday world.


I hope I can support you with my consultation, classes or workshops.

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